2nd Anual Salsa Party 2016 being sponsored by DJ Jonny, Latin Clave and Edgar Ornelas.  Thanks guys for your time and talent to help us fund libraries in Central America.

The Wayback at 16th West Marketplace  16 Church Ave SW Downtown Roanoke      Salsa Dance Party with live music by Latin Clave, DJ Jonny and Edgar Ornelas Salsa dance instructor. September 19th, 2015

Anyone can help sponsor by using the Amazon charity of choice site. They donate a % of all sales.  NO extra fee or cost to you. Go to http://smile.amazon.com/ch/80-0223368

“Helping Others Prospers
Everyone, Inc.” under charity of choice.


Linda J. Ferguson, Ph.D., author and coach, have partnered to support the village of Agua Salada, a community of 300 people in Honduras, to build a library and community building.

ChicoBagChicoBag has donated 250 reusable bags to HOPE for use in educating the Honduran people on environmental issues. The villagers typically burn their trash, including plastic bags.

Our goal is to help the villagers understand the detrimental effects of plastic trash and the toxicity of burning it and to teach them the benefits of reusable bags. As a result of ChicoBag’s generosity, each family will be given a ChicoBag when it is seen during our medical brigade.

Please email us at hopecentralamerica@gmail.com to learn how your company can support HOPE’s efforts.