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Non Profit Working To Build Libraries In Honduras

Posted: Jul 28, 2014 5:45 PM EDT

Roanoke, VA – A Roanoke-based non-profit is shifting its mission in response to the influx of children illegally trying to enter the United States from Central America.

Over the past 15 years Karen Maffucci has carried HOPE – Helping Others Prospers Everyone, a Roanoke based non-profit that has helped distribute hope, through medical missions – to the people of Honduras.

But recently there’s been a problem.

“It was kind of like just going and then leaving and not having anything to follow up with,” said Maffucci.

Recently the United States has had a problem too — hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants making their way toward the border from places like Honduras.

Many of them driven here by violence that has come in the midst of significant poverty.

So now the mission is focused on libraries.

“My thought is that if we educate these kids or have an option – they have a different option than drugs and gangs – they can get educated with these little libraries,” said Maffucci.

Maffucci isn’t dreaming big.

She thinks at $20,000 a piece the children in the villages she helps will get that other option that will perhaps steer them away from the violence, and ultimately away from the dangerous run for the US border.

“My motto is if you help one child you’ve done your job because it is so overwhelming when you go. It looks so helpless and hopeless… so I have to remind myself if we help one child with what we are doing we have done our job.”


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